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Our Story 

Eric Cavallaro

Hello, my name is Eric. Welcome to Pane e Vino. From humble beginnings in a pizzeria business to fine dining at Pepe e Sale, downtown Stuart. Our success has led my cousin Alfio and Ito Pane e Vino. Full circle back to my roots in the pizzeria restaurant business. 

Growing up in the business with my parents, who immigrated from Sicily to Brooklyn, with the help of my wife Maria who is also from Sicily has truly enriched my life with a passion for food and dining.  

I am proud to present you pane e vino which is our greatest expression of what we love, family, food and culture.


Alfio Trovato

Co-owner and managing partner of Pane e Vino, is a passionate and experienced restaurateur with a deep-rooted love for Italian cuisine and a flair for culinary fusion. Born and raised in Catania, Sicily, Alfio's life journey into the world of food and hospitality began with his studies in economic and management of tourism business. Fueling his passion further, he obtained a degree in food and beverage management, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.


Alfio's quest for culinary excellence led him to work with various esteemed companies in Sicily, where he honed his skills and embraced the rich flavors and traditions of the region. Eager to expand his horizons, and learn more, he embarked on a culinary expedition throughout Europe, immersing himself in diverse culinary cultures and gaining invaluable experiences along the way.


Drawing inspiration from his travels and his Sicilian heritage, Alfio has embarked on a new gastronomic adventure. Pane e Vino, a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts, showcases a mouthwatering menu that combines the best of Sicilian, Neapolitan pizza by Pizza Chef Rosario Stiano, and Sardinian influences from renowned Chef Nico Zallu. At the heart of the restaurant is a traditional Neapolitan wood oven, where authentic, blistered-crust pizzas are carefully crafted to perfection.


Whether you're craving the bold and vibrant flavors of Sicily, the comforting classics of Naples, or the rustic charm of Sardinia, he promises an unforgettable culinary journey to his patrons. Alfio Trovato invites you to indulge in a unique fusion of Italian cuisines that will transport your taste buds back to the heart of Italy.

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